Friday, July 31, 2009

edge in hot press (carbon footprint, next album, rubbish blogs, etc.)

okay, i am way behind on posting any thoughts on anything. trying to juggle a lot of things at the moment.

in the meantime, and sorry i can't post the whole thing as my scanner is in storage, along with much of my life, i read this article in the july 29, 2009 issue of hot press magazine where they interviewed this guy named the edge.

update: for scans of the whole article, click here.

(yeah, that's right, the interview is with the edge, yet the cover features bono. that's the way it works, yo.)

THE EDGE has this to say to Olaf Tyaransen in Hot Press about the U2360 tour's carbon footprint:

"Well, there's no doubt that it's substantial, and we would be the first to admit that. We are looking into ways to mitigate it, but there is no getting away from the fact that, from a carbon perspective, it is a costly thing. Certain things cannot, ultimately, be carbon neutral. It just doesn't work like that. So you have to ask the question 'Do you not do it at all?' I guess we think that touring is something that reaches a lot of people and ultimately is very worthwhile, and if you look at things to try and attack, I think that rock and roll tours, while they may be an easy target, there's much better things to target. I'd say most of the carbon produced from a tour is actually people going to the shows, and then you're into all kinds of questions; every single piece of entertainment or culture creates carbon because people have to travel to see it, so where do you draw the line?"

here are a few other snippets from the hot press interview with the edge:

What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson's death?
The Edge:
It's terribly sad. I mean, it is sad for so many reasons. There is no doubting his incredible talent, and that I hope is what people will ultimately remember - just the great music he made. I wouldn't want to judge the guy, I don't know enough about his situation, but it does seem, as a casual observer, that he had huge problems and his own personal life was a bit of a mess, and that's really a shame.

What's your opinion on blogging?
The Edge:
I think it can be great but the majority of it is utter rubbish, and that's kind of the problem with the fact that anyone can publish their thoughts, ideas, feelings. Quite honestly, most people shouldn't bother! So I would say that there's some gems, there's some great stuff out there, but it is hard to find. That's the real problem. (laughs)

Do you think U2 get an unreasonably hard time in Ireland?
The Edge:
I think we, at times, get a very hard time but I'm not sure I would say it's unreasonable. I think sometimes it's probably perfectly fair, and I would say it's probably mostly a question of scale. We are a very, very successful band and we live in a fairly small country. So, people probably give us way too much attention, that's probably the truth. Sometimes I get annoyed by articles, but mostly I don't take it too seriously: it's just one person's opinion on any given day. Who knows what was happening that week at the paper, or in their own lives? I think in the last year people have been very grumpy in Ireland, particularly in the media, but there has been a lot of bad news around, so you don't really need to be a genius to figure out why.

There was talk of a possible new U2 album before the end of the year. Is that on the cards?
The Edge:
It is still on the cards, but we don't really have plans that we can sign up to that far out. We would love the idea of the next record being sooner rather than later. We certainly have the material for it, but it's about whether we have the time to finish it. It depends on how the touring progresses. And there's the Spiderman musical which will be early next year, starting in New York, so Bono and I have a fair amount of work to do on that early in the year. It'll be a first for us. We are very excited about it, but it's a steep learning curve ...


on another note - this article in the guardian today is also sort of interesting: ego warriors. u2 speak out on rock star hypocrisy. i wish bono would have really defended himself instead of just halfway, but whatever. he does as he does. always.

(plus, he looks great in purple.)



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I wish people would get off of this carbon foot print thing. They're buying offsets. Nothing will satisfy the haters I guess.

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This blog is rubbish. :D

You're awesome.

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