Monday, November 19, 2007

kelly from the office is not sure she'd sit next to bono at a dinner party

realz. okay, so this is soooo kelly contributing on this blog. writing about the writers' strike, (it's her africa.) mindy ephron is her online name. look, it's true ...

"Now it's like, what Africa is to Bono, the WGA negotiations are to me. (Sure, Bono is a better musician than I am a writer, but the trade-off is I bombard people a lot less then Bono talks about Africa and stuff. I mean, I would actually have to think twice whether I would sit next to the guy at a dinner party, cuz I'd be like, oh shit, here comes the dissertation on the UN or whatever. Honestly, what does The Edge do?)."

what does the edge do?! oh mindy, you really want to know? you makin' me laugh. long time.



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