Sunday, March 25, 2007

gilmore girls makes him cry (and other revelations): 5 questions with brian from beat radio

How would you describe Beat Radio's music for people not familiar with you?
We make indie pop music. I think of indie rock as a sort of sonically adventurous music that is free of the conventions of any particular genre, and that's how we approach making records. I'm also really into the old fashioned craftsmanship of writing a song. I'm trying to write pop songs and connect with as many people as possible. I've made records in the past that have felt more like art projects. This is more ambitious. Lyrically, our songs are much more earnest, and less ambiguous than a lot of what gets referred to as "indie rock." These days, being romantic and sincere is sort of like asking to be made fun of, but those are the kind of songs we play. I'm surprised we don't get made fun of more.

Give me your definition of the word indie.
Did you ever hear that song "Deeper into Movies" by Yo La Tengo?

Music Blogs: Awesome, The Wild Wild West, or Full of Stupid People?
Awesome, yes. The Wild Wild West, certainly. Of course there are stupid people everywhere, but I've found generally bloggers cultivate more of an intellectual, scholarly approach to music, the way stereotypical guys in record stores used to be, like in High Fidelity or something. The good thing is music is so accessible now, and easier to share, so these scholars are less lonesome and less inclined to be bitter elitists. I love music blogs. They've made it more exciting to be an artist, and a fan.

Who is the first musician or band that you ever really loved when you were a kid and why?
Prince. One of my earliest memories of music is sitting in front of the family stereo listening to the top 40 countdown on a Sunday morning when I was 4 or 5 years old, with my finger on the record button waiting to tape "Let's Go Crazy" when it came on. I can't say why, but the song was just so exciting and strange. It still sounds amazing to me today.

Can you tell us a secret?
I don't know. I feel like I should tell you something embarrassing, like how Gilmore Girls made me cry recently. Okay that's quite enough I think. I guess I'm not very secretive.

brian sendrowitz is the frontman and songwriter for the band beat radio, whose forthcoming ep is called "safe inside the sound." he is 29 and he lives in long island with his wife and two little boys. he says he's thinking about starting a blog about being a punk rock dad because "it's an absurd and beautiful existence."

[mp3] people are talking - beat radio *new song*
[mp3] treetops - beat radio
[mp3] mexico - beat radio

brian and his band beat radio are playing mercury lounge on monday night.

download more beat radio tunes here.

*photo by elizabeth sendrowitz*


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No,i have not heard that song "Deeper into Movies" by Yo La Tengo, where can i listen it? i have watched only Gilmore girls Season 7.gr8 show.

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