Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a list, part 5: extrawack! book picks

the super-awesome book list will never die. ever. the list loves itself more than life itself and it demanded to make its return on valentine's day. in part 5, our nyc blog peep bob f. from extrawack! recommends some of his favorite music-related books.

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part 5 via extrawack!:

My fave rock book of all time is the Julian Cope (of The Teardrop Explodes) autobiography, Head-On, in which he chronicles his ascent from a nerd in Liverpool to global rock-star and subsequent nut-case.  My favorite anecdote in the book actually has to do with a Teardrop show at The Ritz in NYC that I attended, where he flung himself down a flight of stairs backstage before the show in order to injure himself badly enough to cancel the show and enable him to leave the tour to be with his girlfriend.
I'm also a big fan of Motley Crue & Neil Strauss' The Dirt, which follows The Crue from their Sunset Strip origins, through varying hair heights, celebrity wives & divorces, addictions, a case of vehicular manslaughter, break-ups and reunions.  Even if you are not of fan of that kind of music, the tales are so delicious and well-told that the book is a totally compelling guilty pleasure.
The best music book to come out in 2006 by far was Rip It Up And Start Again - Postpunk 1978-1984 by Simon Reynolds. My review is here.

**ALSO** highly recommended: check out mr. extrawack's review of another 2006 release—dirty blonde: the diaries of courtney love. his write-up includes a meeting between mrs. extrawack and ms. love. read that review here.

larry mullen likes the teardrop explodes, too.

go visit mr. extrawack!

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