Thursday, October 26, 2006

pictures of toby keith shirtless: not so much

did you know that if you google the words shirtless toby keith, you may find yourself directed here?

i mean here as in here. right here. this blog is the number one search option. weird.

i was going to say that my misery about this toby keith situation is immense, beyond all bounds. i was going to say that if my heart were to burst and my misery flow out, it would flood the whole world. click here for more chekhov-type misery.

but really, i'm not a dixie chick, so the whole toby keith thing is not a problem for me.

view: toby keith in the new one campaign ad.

plus, i'm on vacation. sort of.

shirtless photo: not toby keith.

ps ~ my itunes survivor battle is really entertaining me. badly drawn boy was trailing the pack for a while, but he is growing on me. slowly. all i know is that sam roberts is totally not going to lose.

~ peace


Blogger Arden said...

If you type in "shirtless Bono" you end up on some Sonny Bono page.

The Google Universe is a very scary place.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous rosephile said...

How do you find these things out? Do you randomly search for things on google, or just google "shirtless" + anyone's name who comes up during your day automatically? Hahaha...

3:56 AM  
Blogger c said...

how did you know that i spend my day googling for shirtless photos of really unnattractive people? damn. i'm so predictable. that, and sitemeter tells you what people are googling in order to land on your site...

10:55 AM  
Blogger heather said...

thank you for the shirtless bono pic, his sweaty um goodness mitigates that unflattering double chin shot.

Have you heard the new Badly Drawn Boy? Is that what you are referring to? I am doin a little write-up (I think, someday) on the new one.

1:21 PM  
Blogger NL said...

Totally just searched 'Toby Keith Shirtless' and found your blog. Haha. It doesn't seem like he's as popular as he used to be. I only thought about him because he's on Stephen Colbert's Christmas special from last year.

2:39 AM  

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