Tuesday, July 11, 2006

oh my eighties

so i bought the august issue of q magazine yesterday because there is an article in there on u2 and the making of the joshua tree. it's not really very revealing. at all. did you know bono used to dress like a cowboy? (like, a whole outfit, not just the hat). big news people. big news.

in scoopier news, the magazine also comes with an "80s covered" cd of 15 exclusive recordings from a random bunch of artists that some people think are cool. here's a few i liked:

catherine feeny - i'm on fire

bruce springsteen cover

placebo - running up that hill

kate bush cover

boy kill boy - it's different for girls

joe jackson cover

kelley stoltz - heaven up here

echo & the bunnymen cover

the futureheads - let's dance

david bowie cover

cord - spirits in the material world

police cover

also :

stereogum has an audio clip of the new killers single, and it indeed sounds like the killers pretending to be bruce and u2. pretending is the key word.

i also bought the nme yesterday because i like wasting money. brandon flowers and the other guys (who are they?) in the killers are on the cover. brandon is dressed like, guess what? a cowboy!! and mr. flowers has a few words to share about bono, including this:

"i'm still waiting on the 'bono talk.' i don't think we're getting it. he's scared to give it to us! could you imagine how good we'd be if we had it? it wouldn't be fair."

that is so awesomely amusing.


Blogger blue kite said...

Joshua Tree? Bono like a cowboy ... sounds familiar ohh ya.
I remember because I "lived" it and was totaly overwhelmed by everything (the songs, the dresses, the video of Where the Streets, etc).. and I was in Paris concert.
Next friday I will write about it because it was in 14-7-1987.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous jobob said...

Any song with an intro which sounds like vintage Bruce, and then can't make up its mind whether or not it wants to sound like U2 or the E Street Band ... need I say I'm in love? ;)

6:52 PM  

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