Thursday, November 17, 2005

a good night

so last night we went to hotel qt. it is an andre balazs joint, and it is indeed swank, if not quite cool. after all, it is located on 45th street. times square peeps! that's not cool. at all. we only go there when we have no choice.

last night was a free bash, so we relented, and ended up sipping some cosmos and lounging by the barside pool on some fluffy couches. every now and then hot boys in their underwear whisked by us. plus, there were lots of tiny, fancy foods. and this time nobody in our party ate the cocktail garnishes. classy. such is life in the big city. see more party photos here.

the whole soiree did cause me to miss the johnny cash thing on cbs, but here's an mp3 of u2 performing the wanderer.

the wanderer -- u2 -- from cbs telecast

when i downloaded this track, something caught me by surprise, and that was the fact that i was not really enamored with it. at all. i definitely did not expect to hear mr. the edge chiming in with those del shannon backing vocals. and bono's vocal was pretty hesitant. he even changed the line i went out walking with a bible and a gun to a bible in the sun. i'm glad they played it, though.



Blogger *melinda* said...

believe it or not...i'm only 14..which made me 6 when pop came out. i think that surprises people the most...i know alot about U2 but i'm "young". i saw the johnny cash special last night and thought U2's performance wasn't their best but it was good. oh! and it was filmed in my hometown...i still can't get over that i went to the concert! probably the best day of my "young" life*

8:07 PM  
Blogger c said...

you have good taste

8:43 PM  
Blogger D said...

Melinda, love to hear that someone of your age loves U2! Just shows how timeless the bands music is. I got you beat by 31 years but I too love U2. I have a daughter your age and she was brought up listening to them and loves them too.

9:08 PM  

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